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(1) Applicants seeking APRN licensure in the specialties of CNM, NP, CRNA, or CNS must possess the following educational and certification qualifications:

(a) for those licensed in 2008 or after, a master's degree or post-graduate certificate from an accredited APRN program that provided a minimum of 250 hours of didactic instruction and a minimum of 500 hours of preceptorship;

(b) for those licensed between 1995 and 2007, a master's degree from an accredited nursing education program, or a certificate from an accredited post master's program as defined in (1)(c), which prepares the RN for the APRN recognition sought; and, individual certification from a certifying body. APRNs who completed an accredited APRN program and obtained national certification prior to June 30, 1995, may be recognized in Montana; or

(c) for those licensed prior to 1995, a degree from a post-basic professional nursing education program in an APRN specialty with the minimum length of one academic year consisting of at least 250 hours of didactic instruction and 400 hours under a preceptor; and, individual certification from a certifying body.

(2) Applicants seeking APRN licensure as a psychiatric CNS must possess a master's degree in nursing from an accredited nursing education program that integrates pharmacology and clinical practice.

(3) Applicants seeking APRN licensure must pass the examination of and be certified by a national certifying body in the congruent area of specialization.

(4) Contact information for national certifying bodies may be obtained from the board office.

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