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(1) To initiate review of a subdivision under 76-4-125, MCA, a person must submit a complete application, signed by the owner of the subdivision or an authorized representative, to the department. If the department has certified a local department or board of health to review subdivisions pursuant to 76-4-104, MCA, the application must be submitted to the local reviewing authority.

(2) A subdivision application must be on a form approved by the department. Copies of the application form may be obtained from the Department of Environmental Quality, P.O. Box 200901, Helena, MT 59620-0901, http://www.deq.mt.gov, or from the local reviewing authority.

(3) A copy of the complete application, including all supporting information supplied to the reviewing authority, and all resubmittals of the application, must be submitted concurrently to the local health officer having jurisdiction for purposes of reviewing compliance with local laws and regulations, as provided in ARM 17.36.108.

(4) To resume review of an application that has been inactive for more than one year after the issuance of a denial letter by the reviewing authority, the applicant shall reapply and submit fees as required by subchapter 8, unless the file is inactive due to ground water monitoring or other requirements imposed by the reviewing authority.

(5) In addition to meeting the requirements of this chapter, subdivisions designed for the placement of mobile homes or recreational camping vehicles may be subject to the requirements of Title 37, chapter 111, subchapter 2.

(6) If a proposed subdivision includes facilities for subsurface wastewater disposal, including gray water irrigation, the developer shall notify the designated agent of the local board of health prior to presenting the subdivision application to the reviewing authority. The designated agent may conduct a preliminary site assessment to determine whether the site meets applicable state and local requirements.

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