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(1) A temporary practice permit as provided in 37-14-306, MCA, may be obtained by radiologic technologist course graduates who have completed all requirements for licensure other than passage of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists (ARRT) examination. In reference to 37-14-306, MCA, when the examination has been taken, the temporary permit is valid until notification by the examination service that the person either fails the first license examination for which the person is eligible following issuance of the temporary permit, or passes the examination and is granted a license.

(2) A limited practice permit as provided in 37-14-306, MCA, may be obtained by:

(a) graduates of a minimum 104-hour board approved course set forth in ARM 24.204.507; or

(b) students who have completed half of a radiologic technologist program accredited by a mechanism recognized by the ARRT.

(3) A temporary regional hardship permit as provided in 37-14-306, MCA, may be sought by applicants under the circumstances set forth in ARM 24.204.414.

(4) Upon approval of the permit application, the applicant shall submit the appropriate examination fee.

(5) Upon passage of the examination, the license is issued. Applicants who fail the examination must make a request to the board to be registered for the examination again and pay the examination fee.

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