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(1) Each active licensee is required to complete a minimum of 12 hours of board-approved continuing property management education every year.

(2) The licensee must attend 90 percent of each hour of the approved course time in order to receive credit for attendance.

(3) The required hours shall be in courses approved by the board.

(4) By August 1 of each year, the board will identify topics in which the 12 hours of education must be obtained. The board, in its discretion, may adjust the topics at any time. A minimum of four hours must come from the mandatory topics identified by the board.

(5) No licensee may repeat a course for credit in the same reporting period.

(6) The course provider must supply each licensee with a course completion certificate and student evaluation form approved by the board and must verify attendance of each licensee.

(7) The course provider must provide board-approved course and instructor evaluation forms to course attendees. A board representative may collect the forms and forward them to the board office.

(8) A board representative may, at no charge, audit all board-approved courses for rule compliance.

(9) All approved education must be available to all licensees.

(10) All continuing education instructors or their designee must report licensee attendance at approved continuing education offerings to the board within 20 days of the course offering.

(11) Instructors or their designee must report all education attendance in a format approved and provided by the board.

(12) Failure to accurately and timely provide attendance information to the board could result in withdrawal of the course approval or withdrawal of the instructor approval.

(13) All continuing education courses must be taken and completed within the reporting period. No carryover hours will be accepted from one reporting period to another, except as provided in ARM 24.210.829.

(14) Failure to comply with the continuing education requirements established by the board is unprofessional conduct and will result in disciplinary action by the board.

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