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(1) Application forms will be provided to an applicant in accordance with the requirement of 37-3-305, MCA, and all of the requirements set forth in 37-3-101 through 37-3-405, MCA. In addition to the foregoing, the board may, in its discretion, require statements of good character and references from all areas where the applicant has previously practiced.

(2) The board may make an independent investigation of any applicant to determine whether the applicant has the qualifications necessary to be licensed, and whether the applicant has previously been guilty of any offenses which would constitute unprofessional conduct. The board may require the applicant to release any information or records pertinent to the board's investigation. The board shall require the applicant to furnish information from all states in which the applicant has previously been licensed. The applicant must furnish references upon request by the board from each medical community in which the applicant has practiced.

(3) An applicant who has not engaged in the active practice of medicine for the two or more years preceding his or her application must, in addition to meeting all other requirements for licensure, pass the special purpose examination given by the Federation of State Medical Boards, or its successor.

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