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(1) An applicant for licensure as a private investigator or a resident manager shall take and pass a written examination.

(2) If a written examination is required for licensure, applicants must achieve a minimum score of 70 percent or more on each part of the exam to pass.

(3) Examination fees are set by and payable directly to the examination administrator or vendor.

(4) The examination may consist of questions on Montana criminal and civil procedures and Montana laws and rules applicable to the area(s) of licensure sought.

(5) Prior to taking the examination, applicants must deposit with the proctor all books, notebooks and other papers. No applicant may remove any papers from the examination room.

(6) Examination applicants must present the notice of examination to be admitted to the examination.

(7) An applicant may retake any failed section of the examination upon payment of another examination fee.

(8) The department shall schedule examinations by appointment.

(9) Waiver of the examination requirement, or any portion thereof, may be granted at the board's discretion, following an applicant's submission of a written request for such waiver.


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