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(1) All implements, equipment, and electrical instruments must be thoroughly cleaned and subjected to an approved sanitizing and disinfecting process before being reused.

(2) Sanitizing and disinfecting containers must be large enough to completely cover all implements with sanitizing and disinfecting agents.

(a) After removing all hair from implements, the implements must be thoroughly washed in clean water and detergent solution in a clean sink or container.

(b) After scrubbing with soap and water, implements must be thoroughly rinsed in clean water.

(3) All implements, including metal, must be completely immersed in a board approved disinfecting agent of proper strength and for the necessary time period according to manufacturer instructions.

(a) All nonimmersible equipment must be sanitized with a detergent solution and wiped or sprayed with a board approved disinfecting agent.

(4) After sanitizing and disinfecting, implements must be stored in a clean, disinfected, dry, covered container and separated from used or soiled implements.

(5) Electrical equipment, whether professional or consumer designed, which provides circulating, whirlpool, or vacuum effects (for example, all pedicure stations, microdermabrasion machines, facial machines, nail drills, and body treatment equipment) shall be cleaned and disinfected after each use. Such equipment shall also be flushed, cleaned, and disinfected on a regular basis. A record of such cleaning shall be kept on forms provided by the board and available upon client request or any salon inspection.

(6) In addition to the above requirements, the following rules apply to the practice of electrology:

(a) chair and table headrests must be covered with a single use protective covering;

(b) before each use, electrolysis tweezers and other nondisposable implements must first be cleansed with warm water and soap, rinsed thoroughly and placed into an ultrasonic cleanser or chemical sterilant presoak, and then sterilized by one of the following methods:

(i) sterilizing packets with saturated steam, 15 PSI, and 250°F for 30 minutes; or

(ii) sterilizing packets with dry heat lab oven, 340°F for 60 minutes.

(c) equipment for steam or dry heat methods must be checked weekly for determining equipment to be in proper working order and reaching required temperature;

(d) each month a monthly log must be maintained consisting of date and sterile packet strip; and

(e) outside biological monitors shall be used to ensure proper mechanical function of sterilizers on no less than a quarterly basis. Results shall be maintained in a log.

(7) Sanding bands used on electric file mandrels are for single use purposes and must be discarded after each use.

(8) Metal bits for electric files must be properly sanitized and disinfected after each client.

(9) Paraffin treatments must be administered in a safe and sanitary manner by a single service or sanitized method of application to avoid cross contamination.

(10) Foot bath basins must be sanitized and disinfected after each use.

(a) Sanitizing and disinfecting of all screens, tubing, other removable parts, and the areas behind each must be done at the end of each business day.

(11) Cloth towels and other linens must be laundered before each use.

(12) Single service items must be used only once and properly disposed of after use.

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