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20.25.306    PAROLE PLAN

(1) The board through its pre-parole program, will make available to offenders a copy of a packet outlining the parole process and the recommended treatment release plan. The board, through its staff, may review and amend an offender's recommended parole release plan as necessary and advise the offender when it changes its recommendations.

(2) Each offender who applies for a grant of parole should prepare a comprehensive release plan for the board's consideration. The parole plan should include the following:

(a) the offender's proposed living situation;

(b) the offender's proposed gainful employment or other suitable means of support, or a training or schooling program;

(c) the offender's proposed aftercare programs; and

(d) the offender's proposed budget for payment of court-ordered fines, fees, restitution, and other financial obligations including child support.

(3) Substantial changes in the parole plan that is submitted at the time of the parole hearing must be reviewed and approved by the board.


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