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(1) The program director or academic chief officer is required to notify the board of any proposed substantive change affecting the nursing education program. Substantive changes include, but are not limited to:

(a) changes in legal status, control, or ownership of the institution;

(b) change in accreditation or approval status;

(c) major curriculum revisions;

(d) change in degree offerings or program options;

(e) additional geographic sites or locations;

(f) change in program director; or

(g) major reduction in financial or other program resources.

(2) For programs under the jurisdiction of the Montana Board of Regents, the board will make a recommendation to the Montana Board of Regents concerning the substantive change.

(3) Prior board approval is required for program expansion. Only programs in full board approval status may request program expansion. A request for program expansion must be submitted a minimum of 30 days prior to the board meeting, at which the expansion will be considered. For proposed program expansion, the following information must be included:

(a) purpose and classification of program;

(b) budgeted faculty positions;

(c) availability of adequate clinical and academic facilities for the program;

(d) evidence of financial resources adequate for the planning, implementation, and continuation of the program expansion;

(e) evidence of the need for program expansion;

(f) anticipated expansion in student population;

(g) tentative timetable for planning and initiating the program;

(h) description of how the proposed expansion may affect the existing nursing programs in the state, and indication that plans and the feasibility study regarding the proposed expansion have been shared with the directors of existing Montana programs;

(i) curriculum modifications required to accommodate the targeted student population;

(j) evidence showing the program's NCLEX pass rates being at or above the national average for at least three of the last five years; and

(k) plan for continued assessment using program evaluation plan.

(4) Any additional information requested by the board must be provided by the program in the period and manner specified by the board.

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