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(1) In order to receive the first retirement benefit in a timely manner, prospective retirees must request an estimate of retirement benefits no less than 30 days prior to a member's anticipated retirement date.

(2) The request must include the retiring member's:

(a) full name;

(b) social security number;

(c) mailing address;

(d) date of birth;

(e) name of beneficiary;

(f) beneficiary's social security number;

(g) beneficiary's date of birth; and

(h) anticipated date of retirement.

(3) The division will compute estimates of retirement benefits for the eligible retiring member (and his beneficiary under any options which are statutorily available to members of some systems) and will mail those estimates along with complete retirement information and an application for service retirement to the member.

(4) Based on the retirement estimates and information provided by the division, the member must elect a regular, early, or optional retirement (if eligible) and must return the signed retirement application to the board along with copies of his and his beneficiary's birth certificates or other acceptable proof of age, before benefits will be paid.

History: 19-3-304, 19-5-201, 19-6-201, 19-7-201, 19-8-201, 19-9-201, 19-13-202, MCA; IMP, Title 19, Ch. 3, parts 9 and 11, Ch. 5, parts 5 and 7, Ch. 6, part 5, Ch. 7, parts 5 and 7, Ch. 8, parts 6 and 8, Ch. 9, part 8, Ch. 13, part 7, MCA; NEW, 1986 MAR p. 1454, Eff. 8/29/86.

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