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(1) An applicant may apply for a guide or professional guide license on forms provided by the board, and accompanied by the required fee. The application must include a signature of the endorsing outfitter confirming that, to the knowledge of the outfitter, the guide or professional guide meets all the qualifications of a guide or professional guide.

(2) An applicant must submit proof of current basic first aid certification with the application.

(3) Basic first aid certification must be obtained through a provider or course approved by the board on a case-by-case basis. A list of approved providers and courses shall be maintained on the board web site. An applicant may meet basic first aid certification if the applicant provides proof of a certification, license, or other credential that is equivalent to or greater than basic first aid certification, approved on a case-by-case basis by the board. The board may also maintain on its web site a list of certifications, licenses, and other credentials that will be routinely accepted as equivalent to or greater than basic first aid.

(4) Each outfitter who uses the services of the guide during the license year shall sign the guide's license, and, following completion of the guide's service on behalf of the outfitter, shall specify dates on which the guide or professional guide provided service for the outfitter.

(5) An applicant for a guide or professional guide license who delivers a completed application and application fee to the board office will receive the license at that time.

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