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(1) Two completed and acceptable fingerprint cards must be submitted with provider/MIPP application materials. The fingerprint cards provided by the department are the only fingerprint cards to be accepted for this purpose. Photocopied duplicates are not valid.

(2) The fingerprint card must be processed under these conditions:

(a) fingerprints must be rolled onto each of the two provided fingerprint cards by a trained individual within a Montana law enforcement agency; and

(b) the individual rolling the prints must maintain control and possession of the fingerprint cards once the prints are rolled onto the cards and must place the cards into an envelope, seal it, and mail it to the department:

(i) The individual rolling the prints may also place the applicant's application and applicable fee into the envelope as long as the individual rolling the prints maintains control and possession of the fingerprint cards as required by this rule.

(3) Upon completion of the fingerprint background check, the DOJ will return both fingerprint cards to the department. Upon receipt of the cards, the department will destroy the returned fingerprint cards.

(4) If an adequate set of readable fingerprints cannot be obtained, the DOJ will notify the department that a federal name-based background check has been submitted for the named individual.

(a) Federal name-based background checks can take up to 90 days to complete.

(5) Fingerprint cards are considered complete when they are returned to the department by the DOJ. The 30 business day application approval time required by the department will begin on the day the fingerprint cards are returned.

(6) The fingerprint background checks are valid for a 12-month period. Thirty calendar days prior to the expiration date of the background check, new prints must be obtained following the same procedures outlined in this rule and returned to the department by the DOJ.

(7) If the law enforcement agency charges a fee for fingerprinting, the applicant is responsible for the fee.

History: 50-46-344, MCA; IMP, 50-46-303, 50-46-308, 50-46-344, MCA; NEW, 2011 MAR p. 2047, Eff. 9/23/11.

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