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(1) Requests for approval of a continuing real estate education course must be made on forms approved by the board or its designee and submitted at least 30 days prior to the date of the intended course, with payment of the required fee.

(2) The initial approval of a course will be in effect for the remainder of that calendar year, and the next calendar year in its entirety, expiring on December 31. Course approval may be revoked for cause.

(3) A course may be advertised for credit only after a completed course application has been submitted to the board office accompanied by all required attachments and fees. Courses not submitted for approval may not be advertised for credit. After a course submission, but prior to approval, the course may be advertised if all advertising includes the statement that the course is "pending approval." This advertising must appear in comparable font size and color as the rest of the advertising. A course is not "pending approval" unless a completed course application has been submitted to the board office accompanied by all required attachments and fees.

(4) Courses must be designed so that no more than ten minutes per 60 minutes are allowed for breaks in instruction. Break time may be accumulated and used in blocks at the instructor's discretion.

(5) The board or its designee may, at its discretion, and without requiring further qualification, approve courses from the approved topic list under the following instances:

(a) courses approved by another jurisdiction's real estate licensing authority; or

(b) courses which lead to designations or certifications by board-recognized trade or professional associations.

(6) Distance education courses may be approved if the board determines that:

(a) an appropriate and complete application has been filed and approved by the board;

(b) the distance education course meets the content requirements as established under ARM 24.210.667;

(c) the distance education course is certified by the Association of Real Estate License Law Officials (ARELLO) and the course provider has provided appropriate documentation that the ARELLO certification is in effect. Approval will cease immediately should ARELLO certification be discontinued for any reason; and

(d) the distance education course meets all other requirements as prescribed in the statutes and rules.

(7) It is the responsibility of the licensee to verify that courses are approved for Montana prior to completing the course for credit.

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