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37.115.1006    INLETS

(1) Inlets shall be submerged, and located to:

(a) produce uniform circulation of water throughout the swimming pool with no dead spots; and

(b) carry pool bottom debris to the outlets.

(2) A pool, spa, or other water feature shall have a minimum of two return inlets. A third inlet is required for any pool, spa, or other water feature with 900 square feet or more of surface area. An additional return inlet is required for each additional 300 square feet of surface area or fraction thereof.

(3) Sufficient numbers of inlets shall be provided and properly spaced and located to allow complete and uniform recirculation of water and to maintain uniform sanitizer residual at all times.

(a) If wall inlets are used, the distance between adjacent inlets must not exceed 15 feet.

(b) If floor inlets are used, they shall be placed at no more than 15 foot intervals and the distance from these inlets to the wall shall not exceed 15 feet.

(4) All inlets shall discharge at the depth designed by the manufacturer.

(5) All inlets must be located at least five feet away from any skimmer and there must be an inlet within five feet of any pool corner.

(6) Floor inlets must:

(a) be flush with the floor;

(b) provide equal balanced flow through all inlets; and

(c) be adjustable with the use of a specialized tool to prevent bathers from adjusting the flow.

History: 50-53-103, MCA; IMP, 50-53-101, 50-53-102, 50-53-103, 50-53-104, 50-53-106, 50-53-107, MCA; NEW, 2010 MAR p. 80, Eff. 1/15/10; AMD, 2011 MAR p. 2657, Eff. 12/9/11.

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