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(1) The board shall issue a limited access permit (LAP) to a Montana licensed dental hygienist who:

(a) possesses an active, unrestricted Montana dental hygiene license;

(b) certifies that the dental hygienist has actively practiced either:

(i) 2400 clinical hours over the last three years; or

(ii) a career total of 3000 hours, with a minimum of 350 hours in each of the last two years;

(c) provides the name of the applicant's current liability insurance carrier, policy number, and expiration date;

(d) provides the name and address of the public health facility or facilities where the applicant intends to provide services under a LAP;

(e) provides evidence of completion of 12 additional continuing education credits for the three-year cycle immediately preceding LAP application; and

(f) submits a completed application and pays all appropriate fees.

(2) Application material remains valid for six months from receipt in the board office. If the application is not completed within six months a new application and fees must be submitted.

(3) A LAP dental hygienist shall maintain 48 hours of continuing education credits for each three-year cycle following initial issuance of a LAP. The 48 hours includes the 36 hours required for a dental hygiene license and an additional 12 hours required for the LAP.

(4) LAPs must be renewed annually.

(5) Pursuant to 37-4-405, MCA, the board identifies the following additional public health facilities and programs at which services under a LAP may be provided:

(a) Dodson School;

(b) Great Falls Rescue Mission;

(c) Harlem Elementary School;

(d) Harlem Junior/Senior High School; and

(e) Paris Gibson Education Center.

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