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(1) Outfitters shall maintain current, true, complete, and accurate records at all times, submit the records to the board with application to renew licenses, and make the records available at all times at the outfitter's main base camp or business office to enforcement or investigative personnel authorized or appointed by the board.

(2) Outfitter records shall be maintained on forms prescribed by the board and shall contain information as required by the board. The information required shall include:

(a) names and addresses of clients, except that fishing outfitters may omit client addresses;

(b) dates of service to clients;

(c) game animals, except fish, taken by clients;

(d) clients' hunting or fishing license numbers;

(e) districts hunted and rivers and lakes fished by clients;

(f) the actual leased acreage actively used by clients during that year;

(g) the actual leased acreage unused by clients during that year; and

(h) the name and license number of the guide who accompanied the client.

(3) Amendments to logs shall be made immediately when errors are discovered. Amendments that only supplement records with information that arose after license renewal are always proper. However, cases of amendments to records for any other reason shall be brought to the screening panel for a decision as to whether an investigation should follow.

(4) Submitted outfitter client records shall be maintained as confidential information and shall not be released to any person or organization without approval of the board, written permission of the outfitter, subpoena or order of a court, or written request of a state or federal agency for the purpose of furthering investigation of criminal activities.

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