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18.8.512    HEIGHT

(1) Each permit is automatically restricted to clearance of any bridge or underpass or other overhead obstruction on the route traveled.

(2) The permittee will be responsible for checking the route or routes to be traveled to determine clearance of bridges and/or other structures.

(3) The permittee shall be responsible for obtaining overheight clearances, including payment of all expenses incidental to removal of anything obstructing clearances.

(4) All loads with a height of 14 feet 6 inches or less may be issued either a term or single trip special permit.

(5) Nonreducible loads with a height in excess of 14 feet 6 inches will be issued single trip special permits.

(6) A term or single trip special permit may be issued for height of 15 feet or less for baled or loose hay.

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