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(1) Every person working or acting as a card dealer, operator, route operator, card room contractor, manufacturer, distributor, manufacturer of electronic live bingo or keno equipment, sports tab game seller, accounting system vendor, or manufacturer of illegal devices, as defined by Title 23, chapter 5, MCA, and by these rules, any nonprofit organization, or any other person required by statute or rule to hold a license issued by the department, must possess a valid license issued by the department. All licenses expire annually at midnight on June 30 unless otherwise provided for in these rules. All owners or owners of an interest, as that term is defined under ARM 23.16.101, are considered applicants for all licensing purposes within this chapter.

(2) An application for a gambling license must be submitted to the Department of Justice, Gambling Control Division, on forms prescribed by the department and described herein. The application is not complete unless it is signed and dated by all or any applicant(s) and contains all information, statements, documentation, and fees required by the department.

(3) The application must also contain:

(a) authorization for the examination and release of information for use in assessing a gambling license application;

(b) one or more personal history statements (Form 10), as required in the application;

(c) a complete set of fingerprints, on Form FD-258 provided by the department, obtained and certified by a local law enforcement agency, the department, or a private security company approved by the department for each person required to complete a personal history statement;

(d) any license or processing fee required by Title 23, chapter 5, MCA, or these rules; and

(e) any additional information, statements, or documentation required in the rules applicable to those licenses.

(4) Forms 10 and FD-258 are available from the Gambling Control Division, 2550 Prospect Ave., P.O. Box 201424, Helena, MT 59620-1424, or on the department's web site www.dojmt.gov/gaming.

(5) All required documents must be submitted by the applicant(s) in all new and amended license applications.

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