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23.16.1701    DEFINITIONS

As used throughout this subchapter, the following definitions apply:

(1) "Chance" means an opportunity to participate in a sports pool.

(2) "Competitor" means:

(a) a team in a sports event in which teams compete; or

(b) an individual in a sports event in which individuals compete.

(3) "Interval of a sporting event" means the regularly timed periods or naturally occurring breaks in a sports event established by the rules of the event (i.e., quarters in football and basketball games, periods in hockey, or innings in a baseball game) and not any other contrived point, action, event, or episode in the sports event.

(4) "Manufacturer of sports tabs" means a person who manufactures from raw materials or subparts completed sports tabs, sport tab cards, or sports tab games as they are defined by statute and rule.

(5) "Master square" means that portion of the sports pool card used in a traditional, series, or multiple way sports pool that is divided into spaces representing chances purchased by the participants and containing the name or initials of the participant in the sports pool.

(6) "Series of sports events" means two or more sports events involving the same sport that are conducted at the same level (e.g., collegiate, professional).

(7) "Space" means one of the smaller squares into which the master square is divided, which represents a chance in a traditional, series, or multiple way sports pool, and which contains the name or initials of the participant in a sports pool who has purchased that space.

(8) "Sponsor" means a person conducting a sports tab game by selling individual sports tabs.

(9) "Sports event" means an athletic game, race, or contest involving two or more competitors who are natural persons or animals in which the winner is determined by a score or placement.

(10) "Sports pool" means a gambling activity based on a sports event or series of sports events that is conducted on a sports pool card for which consideration, in money, is paid by the participant for a chance to win money or other item of value.

(11) "Sports pool card" means a board, chart, or table used to conduct a sports pool and record the information required in ARM 23.16.1702.

(12) "Sports tab" means a ticket as defined in 23-5-501, MCA.

(13) "Sports tab card" means the card to which 100 sports tabs are randomly attached by a manufacturer of sports tabs and which is used in a sports tab game.

(14) "Sports tab game seller" means a person who:

(a) purchases or otherwise obtains sports tab games from a manufacturer of sports tabs; and

(b) sells sports tab games to sponsors for use in conducting sports tab games.

(15) "Total value of the sports pool" means an amount equal to the number of chances in a sports pool multiplied by the cost per chance and represents the prize(s) to be awarded.

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