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(1) The following amphibians are classified as prohibited species:

(a) African clawed frog - Xenopus laevis; and

(b) North American bullfrog - Rana catesbeiana.

(2) The following crustaceans are classified as prohibited species:

(a) Rusty crayfish - Orconectes rusticus.

(3) The following fish are classified as prohibited species:

(a) Bighead carp - Hypophthalmichthys nobilis;

(b) Black carp - Mylopharyngodon piceus;

(c) Eurasian Ruffe - Gymnocephalus cernuus;

(d) Grass carp - Ctenopharyngodon idella;

(e) Round goby - Neogobius melanostomus;

(f) Silver carp - Hypophthalmichthys molitrix;

(g) Snakehead fish - genera Channa and Parachanna (29 species);

(h) Walking catfish - Clarias batrachus;

(i) White perch - Morone Americana; and

(j) Zander (European pikeperch) - Sander lucioperca.

(4) The following mammals are classified as prohibited species:

(a) Argali Sheep – Ovis ammon;

(b) Brush-tailed possum - Trichosurus vulpecula;

(c) Nutria - Myocastor coypus;

(d) Cebidae family (new world primates);

(e) Cercopithecidae family (old world monkeys);

(f) Hyaenidae family (hyenas);

(g) Hylobatidae family (gibbons);

(h) Pongidae family (apes);

(i) Short-tailed opossum - Monodelphis domestica;

(j) Small spotted genet - Genetta genetta;

(k) Southern flying squirrel - Glaucomys volans;

(l) Transcaspian urial sheep – Ovis aries vignei; and

(m) Virginia opossum - Didelphis virginiana.

(5) The following mollusks are classified as prohibited species:

(a) New Zealand mudsnail - Potamopyrgus antipodarum;

(b) Quagga mussel - Dreissena bugensis; and

(c) Zebra mussel - Dreissena polymorpha.

(6) The following reptiles are classified as prohibited:

(a) African rock python - Python sebae;

(b) Alligatoridae family;

(c) Amethystine python - Morelia amethistina;

(d) Boomslang - Dispholidus typus;

(e) Burrowing asps (all species in family Atractaspidae);

(f) Coral snakes (all species in family Elapidae);

(g) Cobras (all species in family Elapidae);

(h) Crocodylidae family;

(i) Green Anaconda - Eunectes marinus;

(j) Indian python (including the Burmese python) - Python molurus;

(k) Kraits (all species in family Elapidae);

(l) Mambas (all species in family Elapidae);

(m) Pit vipers and true vipers (all species in family Viperidae except species indigenous to Montana);

(n) Red-eared slider – Trachemys scripta elegans; and

(o) Reticulated python - Python reticulatus.

(7) The following birds are classified as prohibited:

(a) California quail – Callipepla californica; and

(b) Gambel’s quail – Callipepla gambelii.

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