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(1) All applicants shall submit the following information on Forms 30 and FD-258, as those forms read on December 1, 2005, which are incorporated by reference and available from the Gambling Control Division, 2550 Prospect Ave., P.O. Box 201424, Helena, MT 59620-1424:

(a) name(s), addresses, telephone numbers, and social security numbers; history of gambling licensure with any federal, state, or local agency; civil and criminal record; record of residence and employment for the last ten years of any person with an ownership interest in the applicant entity; and record of current residence and employment of any person with an option to purchase a share in the applicant entity;

(b) a complete set of fingerprints, on a form (Form FD-258) provided by the department, obtained and certified by a local law enforcement agency, the department or a private security company approved by the department for each person required to complete a personal history statement;

(c) the applicant's most recent financial statements with the application form. The statements must reflect the business operation for which the application is being submitted and include a balance sheet, income statement, and a statement of the amount and source of funding. The department may accept current state or federal income tax returns if they reflect the business operation for which the application is being submitted. If the business is prospective or has recently begun operating, the applicant shall submit a beginning balance sheet and a statement of the amount and source of funding for the business;

(d) the amounts and sources of all business financing, along with the terms of each loan agreement and all related security agreements, and guarantees;

(e) the following ownership/management information, as applicable:

(i) if the business is a sole proprietorship, the above-cited information must be submitted on the proprietor; or

(ii) if the business is a partnership, the information must be submitted on each general and limited partner; or

(iii) if the business is a closely-held or subchapter S corporation, the information on each shareholder, and each officer and director if not the same; or

(iv) if the business is a publicly-traded corporation, the names of each shareholder owning 5% or more of the company stock and the corporate officers and board of directors; or

(v) if the business is a limited liability company, the information must be submitted on all members; or

(vi) if the applicant is a nonprofit corporation or association, the information must be submitted on the person responsible for conducting the gambling activity (e.g., gambling manager, steering committee); or

(vii) if the owner(s) acquires the services of a gaming manager or management firm, the information must not only be submitted on the owner but the manager or firm as well; and

(f) the full name and address of every manager employed by the applicant in a gambling-related activity in Montana.

(2) Operator licenses must be renewed annually by completing forms prescribed by the department. There is no renewal fee or annual license fee required for an operator license.

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