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(1) Continuing education credits may not be carried over from one three-year cycle to another.

(2) Licensees are required to keep a certificate or other documentation of attendance of continuing education completed and make this available to the board if so requested. The certificate or document of attendance shall include at a minimum:

(a) licensee name;

(b) course title;

(c) course date;

(d) presenter or sponsor; and

(e) number of credit hours earned.

(3) Licensees shall affirm their understanding of and compliance with continuing education requirements with the license renewal.

(4) Failure of licensee to produce certificates of attendance of required continuing education may result in disciplinary action. Following an audit failure, the licensee will be afforded a one-year period to gain the appropriate continuing education requirements. If compliance is not attained, disciplinary action pursuant to 37-1-312, MCA, will be taken.

(5) The department will conduct a random audit of the licensees every three-year cycle. The audit shall include ten percent of active dentists, ten percent of active dental hygienists, and ten percent of active denturists.

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