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(1) For the purpose of meeting the 3000-hour requirement of 37-22-301(2)(b), MCA, an applicant or licensure candidate shall provide verification of the following:

(a) 3000 supervised hours spent providing psychotherapy or clinical social work services to individuals, families, and groups, of which at least 50 percent shall include the application of psychosocial methods in direct client contact;

(b) supervision, on a form approved by the board, which shall include at least 100 documented hours of individual or group supervision by a qualified supervisor. At least 50 percent of the 100 hours shall be individual and face-to-face by a licensed social worker, and at least ten hours of which includes direct observation of the service delivery. Each supervisory session shall be documented with a record of supervision. The applicant or licensure candidate must maintain the record of supervision, which may be requested by the board and must include:

(i) date and length of supervision in increments not less than 15 minutes;

(ii) names of applicant or licensure candidate, supervisor (including type of license and number), and signatures of both;

(iii) content summary (excluding confidential information);

(iv) evidence of the applicant's or licensure candidate's minimal competencies in the areas of an identified theory base, application of a differential diagnosis, establishing and monitoring a treatment plan, development and appropriate use of the professional relationship, assessing the client for risk of imminent danger, and implementing a professional and ethical relationship with clients and colleagues;

(v) content demonstrating the applicant's or licensure candidate's developing competence in the areas identified in (1)(b)(iv); and

(vi) attestation of the record of supervision by the supervisor. Falsification or misrepresentation of the record of supervision shall be considered unprofessional conduct and may result in discipline of the supervisor's license.

(c) supervision which has been conducted on a regular basis. No more than 160 hours of social work experience shall transpire without providing at least two hours of supervision. Less frequent supervision may take place under unusual circumstances only with prior approval by the board.

(d) supervisor's experience and expertise with the applicant's or licensure candidate's client population (i.e., child, adolescent, adult, chemically dependent) and methods of practice (i.e., individual, group, family, crisis or brief interventions).

(e) supervisor's relationship with the applicant or licensure candidate which shall not constitute a conflict of interest, such as (but not limited to) being in a cohabitation or financially dependent relationship with the applicant or licensure candidate, or being the applicant's or licensure candidate's parent, child, spouse, or sibling. 

(f) a supervision agreement in writing and in a format approved by the board. The agreement shall include, but not be limited to:

(i) the applicant's or licensure candidate's and supervisor's names, signatures, and dates;

(ii) terms of the agreement including the duties of the applicant or candidate and supervisor, the obligations of the applicant or candidate and supervisor under this rule, frequency and method of supervision, duration and termination provisions; and

(iii) a statement of compliance with applicable patient privacy laws and the supervisor's qualifications.

(2) All reports and/or assessment interpretations and results sent to other public or private agencies that affect the current social status of a client must be reviewed by and contain the approval and signature of the supervisor. These reports shall identify the supervisee's "in-training" nonlicensed status or identify that the supervisee is a social worker licensure candidate.

(3) All therapeutic interventions and the assessment results and interpretations used in the planning and/or implementation of those therapeutic interventions shall be reviewed and preapproved by the supervisor on a continual and ongoing basis.

(4) All professional communications, both private and public, including advertisements, shall clearly indicate the supervisee's "in-training" and nonlicensed status or indicate that the supervisee is a social worker licensure candidate.

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