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(1) Each video poker machine must meet the following specifications for approval for use within the state of Montana. In order to be approved the machine must:

(a) use a deck of cards consisting of 52 standard playing cards, up to two jokers may also be used;

(b) conform to the standard rules of poker in the following manner:

(i) the theoretical return of a royalty must be less than 50% of the overall theoretical return;

(ii) "hand" means the cards dealt to or drawn by a player and retained at the completion of a game;

(c) deal the initial cards from the top of the frozen field;

(d) replace any discarded cards, if applicable, with remaining cards in the frozen field starting with the top of the frozen field and drawing any additional cards in the order of that frozen field; and

(e) display the winning hand and the number of credits awarded for that hand.

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