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(1) The board shall contract with or hire persons licensed as veterinarians in Montana to perform the duties of official veterinarians at horse racing meets. Contracts (or hires) shall be upon such terms as the board and the veterinarians may mutually agree and may contain differing rates of compensation based upon the experience of the veterinarian. The board shall compensate the veterinarian(s) for official veterinarian services.

(2) The official veterinarian shall be present in the paddock to inspect all horses, shall inspect or observe all horses after the finish of a race, and shall perform such other duties as shall be prescribed from time to time by the stewards and board.

(3) If for any reason, a horse must be destroyed either in the paddock or on the track, the official veterinarian shall perform the euthanasia. The act of euthanasia shall not take place in view of the public.

(4) The official veterinarian shall be present at the starting gate while horses are being loaded. Any scratches after horses leave the paddock may be made by the official veterinarian with the approval of the stewards.

(5) The official veterinarian shall administer medication only in an emergency and if no practicing veterinarian is available.

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