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(1) Request for approval of a continuing education instructor must be made on forms approved by the board or its designee and submitted at least 30 days prior to the date of the intended instruction with payment of the required fee.

(2) The initial approval of an instructor will be in effect for the remainder of that calendar year, and the next calendar year in its entirety, expiring on December 31. Approval may be revoked for cause. If the application for instructor approval is granted less than three months before the end of the calendar year, the approval shall be in effect until the end of the two calendar years following the year in which the approval is granted.

(3) Approved instructors must have:

(a) at least a bachelor's degree in a field traditionally associated with the subject matter of real estate or current experience or qualifications approved by the board; or

(b) a designated real estate instructor or other nationally recognized instructor designation.

(4) In addition to the requirements of (3), instructors who wish to teach the board-mandated new licensee mandatory continuing education course, commonly known as the 12-hour rookie course, shall have five years of active licensed experience as a broker or five years of experience as an instructor of real estate education. The experience necessary to instruct the rookie course may be achieved through a combination of practice or instruction experience.

(5) In addition to the requirements of (3), instructors who wish to teach the board-approved supervising broker prelicensing or the supervising broker continuing education course shall have seven years of active licensed experience as a supervising broker or five years as an instructor of real estate education, or a combination of the two.

(6) Persons such as attorneys, investigators, government officers or employees, or mortgage loan officers, may be approved as instructors or may act as speakers under the supervision of approved instructors as long as instruction is limited to the instructor's field of expertise.

(7) Instructor approval will be for specific courses and topics and will not carry over to other courses or topics of education. An instructor must make application for each course and topic and may not be deemed approved for other courses or topics without approval from the board or its designee. An instructor need only be approved for a specific topic one time in an approved period. However, except as provided in (6), an instructor must be approved for each course which the instructor wishes to teach. 


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