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(1) Female boxers shall not use facial cosmetics and shall secure their hair with soft and nonabrasive material.

(2) Female contestant weight classes shall be the same as used by male boxers.

(3) Female boxers shall wear properly fitted breast and groin protectors and mouthpieces.

(4) Female boxers weighing up to 154 pounds shall use 8 oz. gloves and female boxers weighing over 154 pounds shall use 10 oz. gloves, properly fitted.

(5) All female boxers must provide proof of a negative pregnancy test prior to each bout and an attestation that the boxer has no knowledge of her pregnancy. Evidence of a negative pregnancy test shall include either:

(a) a written certification by a physician of a negative pregnancy test previously administered within 14 days of the bout; or

(b) negative results of a pregnancy test administered at the venue. 


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