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24.117.805    FOULS

(1) Fouls are those acts of:

(a) hitting below the belt;

(b) hitting an opponent who is down or who is getting up after going down;

(c) holding an opponent with one hand and hitting with the other hand;

(d) holding an opponent or deliberately maintaining a clinch;

(e) butting with the head or shoulders or using the knee;

(f) hitting with the inside or butt of hand, the wrist or the elbows;

(g) hitting or 'flicking' with the open glove;

(h) purposely going down without being hit;

(i) striking deliberately at the part of the body over the kidneys;

(j) the use of the pivot and backhand blows and rabbit punch;

(k) the use of abusive or profane language; and

(l) the failure to obey the referee;

(m) any physical actions which may injure a contestant except by fair sportsmanlike boxing;

(n) hitting on the break;

(o) hitting after the bell has sounded ending the round;

(p) roughing on the ropes or pushing the opponent about the ring, into the ropes or intentionally pushing, shoving or wrestling an opponent out of the ring with any part of the body.

(2) The referee shall deduct points after two warnings for the same foul. A point or points shall be taken at the time of the third warning for the same foul or where there is a continued flagrant fouling by a contestant after a deduction of points from the fouling contestant.

(3) A contestant who commits a foul, intentional or unintentional, may be fined the total amount of the purse, not to exceed $1000 per violation, and suspended by the department and/or fined only in such amount as the department may deem warranted by the offense. It will only be by unanimous opinion of the referee, judges, and the department representative that the offender not be held responsible for the foul and the promoter authorized to pay the purse.

(4) Any contestant claiming to be struck by a foul blow must be immediately examined by the ringside health care professional. If the examining health care professional determines that the contestant is only temporarily injured, and can proceed after a short rest, the contestant shall be ordered to do so by the referee.

(5) Any contestant falsely claiming to have been struck by a foul blow will be punished in the same manner as provided for contestants who commit fouls.

(6) In no case shall the offender be paid any part of the purse until the final decision of the department.

(7) If the fouled contestant is ahead on points or the points are equal, the contestant shall be declared the winner. However, if the fouled contestant is not ahead on points, the contest shall be declared a draw. If in the referee's judgment the foul is serious or intentionally inflicted, the referee may award the bout to the contestant so fouled.

(8) If any accidental foul occurs before the completion of four rounds and the injured contestant cannot continue, the fight will be declared a technical draw. If the accidental foul occurs after the completion of four rounds and the fouled contestant cannot continue, a technical decision shall be rendered by the judges and the contestant ahead on points shall be declared the winner. If a contestant is accidentally fouled and can continue, the referee must stop the action and inform the department representative and both contestants that the foul is the result of an accidental foul. If in the later rounds the injury has worsened as a result of legal blows, and the injured contestant cannot continue, a decision shall be rendered by going to the scorecards.


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