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24.117.810    HAND WRAPS

(1) Each hand wrap must be:

(a) made of soft gauze that is:

(i) not more than two inches wide; and

(ii) not more than 20 yards in length; and

(b) secured by adhesive tape that is:

(i) not more than one and one-half inches wide; and

(ii) not more than eight feet in length.

(2) Adhesive tape may cross the back of the hand twice but must not:

(a) extend within one inch of the knuckles;

(b) be placed over the knuckles; or

(c) be combined with water or other liquid.

(3) A single four inch by four inch white surgical pad (or equivalent material approved by the department representative), folded in half, may be used on the knuckles of each hand for added protection and safety.

(4) All hand wraps must be applied and adjusted in the dressing room in the presence of a department representative who must sign across the back of each hand before gloves are secured on a contestant.


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