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(1) Individual placement criteria must address the following:

(a) referrals to a hospital for individuals manifesting signs and symptoms of a condition that warrants acute medical care; and

(b) discharge criteria that demonstrates successful completion of treatment or justification for either an extension or a transfer.

(2) Outpatient services must include:

(a) sufficient staff coverage 24 hours a day, seven days a week; and

(b) treatment plan assessment and staffing every 30 days.

(3) The program must develop policies and procedures to address services, staff requirements, and the criteria in ARM 37.27.115.

(4) Program effectiveness and quality assurance efforts which include utilization and effectiveness review as described below.

(a) Utilization and effectiveness – review is a process to confirm that the program services are necessary, cost efficient, and effectively utilized. Utilization and effectiveness reviews must collect, analyze, and utilize the information to demonstrate program effectiveness.


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