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(1) All prescription drug order information for controlled substances shall be submitted to the board pursuant to this subchapter.

(2) A pharmacy shall submit all prescription drug order information for a controlled substance to the board no later than close of the next business day after the date of dispensing the controlled substance.

(3) If a pharmacy that dispenses controlled substances has not dispensed any controlled substances during a calendar month, the pharmacy shall verify that no controlled substances were dispensed for that month by submitting a "zero report" to the board. A "zero report" is due on or before the fifth day of the next month.

(4) A pharmacy that does not dispense controlled substances shall notify the board by submitting an appropriate board-approved form attesting that the pharmacy does not dispense controlled substances.

(a) The form submitted by a pharmacy that does not dispense controlled substances shall be maintained on file with the board and at the pharmacy's location.

(b) If a pharmacy does dispense a controlled substance, it shall then comply with the reporting requirements of this rule.

(5) In the event that a pharmacy cannot submit the required information as described in this rule, the pharmacy must timely report that fact to the board on or before the date the submission is due. The board office may grant an extension, at their discretion, when a pharmacy notifies the board that they are unable to submit their report.

(6) It is the responsibility of the submitting pharmacy to address any errors or questions about information that the pharmacy has submitted to the prescription drug registry and resubmit corrected data no later than close of the next business day after the date of the original submission.


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