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(1) A CTVS is associated equipment that electronically acquires information and data from a VGM for the sole purpose of validating the authenticity of a ticket voucher presented for payment.

(2) A person licensed as a manufacturer may manufacture and sell a CTVS subject to the following restrictions:

(a) all CTVS and site controllers must be tested and approved by the department prior to being offered for sale, sold, or installed/connected to any permitted VGM;

(b) a CTVS may only be used with VGMs employing an approved AARS;

(c) a CTVS may not electronically capture VGM accounting information and records to be communicated to the department or elsewhere; and

(d) all electronically acquired information must be limited to the sole purpose of validating ticket vouchers and may not include player tracking.

(3) A gambling operator may use a CTVS subject to the following restrictions:

(a) a gambling operator may purchase an approved CTVS only from a licensed manufacturer, distributor, or route operator; and

(b) before acquiring a CTVS system, every gambling operator must complete a CTVS use disclosure form (Form 33) supplying information to the department, which must include the gambling operator's confirmation:

(i) only AARS enabled VGMs will use a CTVS; and

(ii) the operator's use of electronically acquired information:

(A) will be limited to ticket voucher validation for VGMs permitted to the gambling operator's individual licensed premises;

(B) will be restricted to VGM ticket voucher validation; and

(C) will not be used for player tracking purposes.


History: 23-5-115, 23-5-621, MCA; IMP, 23-5-602, 23-5-621, 23-5-625, 23-5-631, MCA; NEW, 2018 MAR p. 1958, Eff. 10/6/18.

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