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(1) A registered pharmacist in good standing may supervise the services of no more than four pharmacy technicians at any time. The 1:4 pharmacist to pharmacy technician ratio may be revised by the board at any time for good cause. A pharmacist intern does not count against the pharmacist to pharmacy technician ratio.

(2) Registered pharmacists in good standing in the state of Montana may supervise a maximum of four registered pharmacy technicians, provided:

(a) in the professional judgment of the pharmacist on duty, the policy and procedures of the pharmacy must allow for safe and accurate filling and labeling of prescriptions;

(b) the policy and procedures shall be reviewed annually. All affected supervising pharmacists and pharmacy technicians must be familiar with the contents and any changes made must be reported to the board; and

(c) a copy of the policy and procedures must be available for inspection by the board compliance officer.

(3) If a pharmacy desires more than four technicians to work under the supervision, direction, and control of one pharmacist, the pharmacy shall obtain the prior written approval of the board. To apply for approval, the pharmacist-in-charge shall submit a pharmacy services plan to the board. The pharmacy services plan submitted shall demonstrate how the plan facilitates the provision of pharmaceutical care and shall include, but shall not be limited to the following:

(a) design and equipment;

(b) information systems;

(c) work flow; and

(d) quality assurance procedures.

(4) The board shall grant approval of a pharmacy service plan only when the board is satisfied that the provision of pharmaceutical care by the pharmacy will be enhanced by the increased use of technicians. An exception may be revoked by the board at any time for good cause.

(5) No pharmacy shall modify a board approved pharmacy service plan without the prior written approval of the board.

(6) Nothing in this rule shall prevent a pharmacy from terminating a service plan upon written notification to the board.


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