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(1) The communications protocol used shall be the full implementation of International Game Technology's (IGT) Slot Accounting System (SAS) protocol version 6.00 or later.

(a) The IGT SAS protocol specification documents may be obtained from IGT via e-mail: sasman@igt.com.

(b) The required minimum implementation of the IGT SAS protocol is defined in the Montana SAS Serial Protocol Implementation Guide. The guide is available on the Montana Department of Justice, Gambling Control Division web site (www.dojmt.gov/gaming) and is available by request from the Gambling Control Division, Technical Services Section, 2550 Prospect Ave., P.O. Box 201424, Helena, MT 59620-1424; (406) 444-1971.

(2) The physical interface specification is the Electronic Industries Association (EIA) standard EIA-232-F serial communication interface. Note: This standard is also known as RS-232 and TIA (Telecommunication Industry Association).

(a) The physical interface at the VGM shall be a female D-type 9-pin connector. The cable must be of sufficient length to easily reach the system interface board mounting regardless of the orientation of the interface board.

(b) The VGM shall be configured as data terminal equipment with EIA-232 connector pin out in accordance with the standard as follows:


PIN      SIGNAL      Description

1          DCD            Data Carrier Detect (not used)

2          RX               Received Data

3          TX               Transmit Data

4          DTR             Data Terminal Ready (optional)

5          GND            Signal Ready

6          DSR             Data Set Ready (not used)

7          RTS             Request To Send (not used)

8          CTS             Clear To Send (not used)

9          RI                 Ring Indicator (not used)


(3) Any device communicating with a VGM shall be tested and approved by the department before being offered for sale, sold, or installed/connected to any permitted VGM. This does not include proprietary business software that only receives data published from a Tier 1 site controller.


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