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(1) One continuing education credit will be granted for each hour of participation in the continuing education activity.

(2) Starting November 1, 2019, a licensed psychologist must earn, within a two-year renewal cycle, a minimum of 40 continuing education credits on or before the renewal date set by ARM 24.101.413. Continuing education credits may not be carried over from one two-year cycle to another.

(a) No continuing education is required for licensees licensed less than one full calendar year on their first reporting date. Licensees licensed less than two full calendar years on the first reporting date shall submit 20 hours of continuing education.

(b) All licensed psychologists must submit affirmation of understanding to the board on the appropriate year's license renewal that they understand their duty to comply with the continuing education requirements established by this subchapter for maintaining their license. The board may randomly audit up to 50 percent of the licensees attesting to continuing education. Certificates of completion or programs for continuing education credits reported must be submitted upon request of the board. Notices of continuing education audit will be considered properly mailed when addressed to the last known address on file in the board office. No continuing education programs used to complete delinquent continuing education plan requirements for licensure can be used to meet the continuing education requirements for the next continuing education reporting period. Any continuing education noncompliance determined by the audit may be handled by the board as a disciplinary matter.

(c) If a licensee is unable to acquire sufficient continuing education credits to meet the requirements, he or she may request an exemption. All requests for exemptions will be considered by the Board of Psychologists and evaluated on an individual basis. 


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