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(1) An applicant eligible for the Big Sky Rx PDP premium assistance may receive a benefit not to exceed $35.40 per month. The benefit amount will not exceed $35.40 regardless of the cost of the premium for the PDP the individual chooses.

(a) If a portion of the applicant's PDP premium is paid through the Extra Help Program, the Big Sky Rx Program will pay the applicant's portion of the PDP premium up to $35.40 per month.

(b) Big Sky Rx does not pay for the cost of an enrollee's drugs or the cost of an enrollee's deductible, coinsurance, or copayments.

(c) All expenditures are contingent on legislative appropriation. The amount of the monthly benefit, $35.40, extends the Social Security Extra Help benefit amount to Montana residents with income up to 200% FPL. The department's total expenditure for the program will be based on appropriation and the number of enrolled applicants.


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