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(1) Applicants who are at least 18 years of age, but not meeting the experience requirements of a private investigator, may apply for a private investigator trainee license.

(a) The application shall be:

(i) on a board-approved form; and

(ii) include a statement from a licensed private investigator:

(A) that the licensee will employ and provide direct supervision of the trainee; and

(B) setting forth the scope of the trainee's duties and training.

(2) A trainee may not conduct an independent business or act as an independent contractor.

(3) Employment and training of the trainee may not begin until:

(a) the board has approved the application; and

(b) the applicant has received the trainee license and identification card.

(4) Trainee licenses must be renewed as set forth in ARM 24.101.413.

(5) Private investigators shall submit quarterly reports, on a board-approved form, regarding each private investigator trainee they supervise.

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