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(1) Each licensee of the board of social work examiners and professional counselors shall earn 20 clock hours of accredited continuing professional counselor education for each year after 1986. Clock hours or contact hours shall be the actual number of hours during which instruction was given.

(2) A maximum of 10 clock hours may be given for the first time preparation of a new course, in-service training workshop or seminar which is related to the enhancement of professional counselor practice, values, skills and knowledge; or a maximum of 10 clock hours credit may be given for the preparation by the author or authors of a professional counselor paper published for the first time in a recognized professional journal or given for the first time at a statewide or national professional meeting.

(3) If a licensee completes more than 20 hours of continuing education after 1986, excess hours in an amount not to exceed 20 hours may be carried forward to the next year.

(4) Any licensee may apply for an exemption from the continuing professional counselor education requirements of these rules by filing a statement with the board setting forth good faith reasons why he or she is unable to comply with these rules and an exemption may be granted by the board.

(5) Professional counselors licensed before July 1 of the renewal year will be required to fulfill the 20 hour requirement. Those licensed after July 1, are required to obtain one half of the 20 hour requirement; and those licensed after October 1, will not be required to obtain continuing education credits for renewal.

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