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(1) An elevator contractor may not erect, construct, install or alter an elevator, dumbwaiter, escalator, or other equipment subject to the provisions of Title 50, chapter 60, MCA, unless the elevator contractor has first obtained a permit from the department and paid the requisite permit fee.

(2) The plan review and permit fee for new installations and alterations of an elevator, escalator, moving walk and other conveyance covered within the scope of the elevator code and subject to the inspection requirements of Title 50, chapter 60, MCA, is:

(a) valuation up to and including $40,000                                                                                  $55

(b) valuation over $40,000                                                                                                             55,
plus $1 for each $1,000 or fraction thereof over $40,000

(3) Plans, applications and fees for new units must be submitted to the department at least 30 days prior to commencement of construction and installation of the unit. Plan approval and issuance of permits must be obtained from the department prior to the commencement of construction and installation.

(4) No elevator permit will be issued until a building permit is issued, unless it is determined by the department that a building permit is not required.

(5) Building code related drawings as required by 50-60-709 , MCA, must also be submitted to certified cities, counties, and towns if an elevator is being installed within their building codes jurisdictions.

(6) Private residential elevators are only allowed in buildings that are not accessible to the general public or to other occupants of the building.

(7) Permits will expire six months after issuance.

(8) Permits may be revoked for cause including but not limited to:

(a) unprofessional conduct, as defined in 37-1-410 , MCA, which conduct materially relates to work done under a lawfully issued permit;

(b) not following the plans approved by the department; or

(c) failure to obtain or maintain insurance on an installation as required in 50-60-716 , MCA.

History: 50-60-203, 50-60-705, MCA; IMP, 50-60-201, 50-60-709, 50-60-711, MCA; NEW, 2006 MAR p. 567, Eff. 2/24/06.

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