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(1) The producer committee has authority to approve all transfers of quota and to review all requests for hardship or equitable relief.

(2) The producer committee shall consist of one eligible producer for each 10% of the total August pool raw milk represented by each pool plant with a minimum of at least one committee representative per pool plant. Calculation is done by using the total August pool milk receipts, divided by each pool plant's receipts, rounded to the nearest 10%, and divided by .1.

(3) The administrator or his designated representative will attend, participate, and maintain a record of each producer committee meeting. The administrator or his designated representative will not have a vote in any decision of the producer committee.

(4) The producer committee will invite each pool plant manager or his designated representative to attend its meetings. No pool plant manager or designated representative will have a vote in any decision of the producer committee.

(5) Producer committee meetings will not be held without at least ten days written notice given to each committee member, the administrator, and each plant manager or their designated representatives.

(6) The producer committee members will serve terms of two years each, but not more than two consecutive terms. Vacancies on the committee will be filled in the same manner as the original appointment. Successors will complete the term of the original committee member. Each committee member will be selected by all eligible pool producer representatives of each pooled plant.

(7) Seven voting members of the producer committee shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business. A majority vote shall be sufficient to make an official decision.

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