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(1) The recirculation system must consist of pumping equipment, hair and lint catcher and filters, together with all necessary pipe connections to the inlets and outlets of the swimming pool and spa and a valve system for backwashing the filters. As an integral part of the recirculation system, equipment must be provided for disinfecting the water and adding any necessary chemicals and make-up water. The entire system and all of its component parts must be capable of producing a 6-hour turnover of the entire volume of the swimming pool except that a flow-through hot springs pool which recirculates must be capable of producing an 8-hour turnover of the entire volume of pool water to waste. The main drain or drains in the deep end of the pool shall be clearly visible at all times. Spas require a 30 minute turnover rate of the entire volume of the unit.

(2) All recirculation equipment furnished shall be provided with installation and operation instructions.

(3) Inlets are features of the swimming pool or spa which return water to the pool or spa from the filters as a part of the recirculation system. Inlets shall be submerged and shall be located to produce uniform circulation of water throughout the swimming pool without the existence of dead spots and to carry away pool bottom deposits to the outlets. The minimum number of inlets shall be based on either one inlet per 600 square feet or portion thereof of pool area, or one inlet per 15,000 gallons, whichever is greater. A minimum of 2 inlets is required on swimming pools and spas.

(4) Where the distance across the shallow portion of the swimming pool is more than 15 feet, multiple inlets shall be provided, so spaced that each inlet will serve a linear distance of not more than 15 feet. Inlets shall be placed at 15 foot intervals around the entire perimeter. In any case, an adequate number of inlets shall be provided, properly spaced and located to accomplish complete and uniform recirculation of water and maintenance of uniform disinfectant residual at all times.

(5) All inlets shall be designed to have adjustable orifices.

(6) All inlets shall discharge at a depth of at least 12 inches below the swimming pool or spa overflow level.

(7) Floor inlets when used shall be placed at 15 foot intervals and the distance from these inlets to the wall shall not exceed 15 feet.

(8) Outlets, or main drains, are features of the swimming pool and spa that are part of the recirculation system and also serve as the pool or spa drains, when necessary. The grated areas shall be of sufficient size to decrease the possibility of clogging or creating suctions dangerous to the safety of the bathers.

(9) All swimming pools and spas shall be provided with a main drain outlet or outlets at the deepest point to permit the pool to be completely and easily emptied.

(10) Drains must be covered by an anti-vortex grating which is not readily removable by bathers.

(11) The grating openings of the main drain outlet in the floor of the pool or spa shall be sufficient so that no suction hazard exists.

(12) Multiple main drain outlets shall be provided where the width of the pool is more than 30 feet. In such cases, these outlets shall be spaced not more than 20 feet apart, nor more than 15 feet from side walls.

(13) The hair and lint catcher device shall be installed on the suction side of the pump. The strainer shall be constructed of non-corrosive material and shall be so located as to be easily accessible for regular cleaning.

(14) Vacuum equipment shall be provided to remove sediment and other accumulations from the bottom of the swimming pool or spa.

(15) Where water from the public water system is added to the pool or spa, cross connections between the public water system and the pool or spa water shall be eliminated by pumping makeup water from a pump suction well or admitting water to the pool or spa by means of an air-gapped supply, preferably located under a low diving board.

(16) No direct connections to sewers shall be permitted and all pool and spa drains to sewers shall be broken at a point where any sewage, which may back up from the sewer, can enter the pool or spa piping.

(17) No more than two spa units may utilize one recirculation, disinfection system and no spa may utilize the recirculation/disinfection system of a swimming pool.

History: Sec. 50-53-103, MCA; IMP, Sec. 50-53-107, MCA; NEW, 1985 MAR p. 782, Eff. 6/28/85; AMD, 1996 MAR p. 1505, Eff. 6/7/96; TRANS, from DHES, 2001 MAR p. 2425.

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