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38.2.3301    DISCOVERY

(1) Techniques of prehearing discovery permitted in state civil actions may be employed in commission contested cases, and for this purpose the commission adopts rules 26, 28 through 37 (excepting rule 37(b) (1) and 37(b) (2) (d) of the Montana rules of civil procedure in effect on the date of the adoption of this rule, and any subsequent amendments thereto. In applying the rules of civil procedure to commission proceedings, all references to "court" shall be considered to refer to the commission; references to the subpoena power shall be considered references to ARM 38.2.3302 through 38.2.3305; references to "trial" shall be considered references to hearing; references to "plaintiff" shall be considered references to a party; and references to "clerk of court" shall be considered references to the staff member designated to keep the official record in commission contested cases.

(2) Nothing in (1) of this rule shall be construed to limit the free use of data requests among the parties. The exchange of information among parties pursuant to data requests is the primary method of discovery in proceedings before the commission.

History: 69-3-103, 69-2-101, 69-12-201(2) and 69-1-110(3), MCA; IMP, 69-2-101, MCA; NEW, 1977 MAR p. 1200, Eff. 12/24/77.

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