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Subchapter: Pharmacies
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(1) A limited service pharmacy is defined as a family planning clinic:

(a) operating under contract with the Department of Public Health and Human Services (DPHHS); or

(b) providing pharmaceutical care under the review of a consulting pharmacist and dispensing legend drugs, but which is not under contract with DPHHS.

(2) Each limited service pharmacy must apply for a license from the board and submit the required fee.

(3) The board shall grant a license to operate a limited service pharmacy to qualified applicants. A licensed family planning clinic may operate satellite locations under the same license if identified on the application.

(4) A limited service pharmacy must display its license in a conspicuous place at the facility.

(5) A limited service pharmacy is not required to employ a licensed pharmacist.

(6) A limited service pharmacy dispensing legend drugs other than factory, prepackaged contraceptives must disclose the name, address, telephone number, and title of the designated person in charge of the limited service pharmacy. The person in charge is responsible for the limited service pharmacy's compliance with all applicable state and federal statutes and rules. A person in charge may be responsible for multiple sites.

(7) The board may annually inspect limited service pharmacies, including any satellite locations. The board may inspect more often for cause. Such inspections must include assurance that the limited service pharmacy provides adequate:

(a) drug labeling;

(b) counseling materials to all patients, including the name of the limited service pharmacy's consulting pharmacist, where required;

(c) contact information of a knowledgeable individual at the clinic in the event of an adverse reaction;

(d) records maintenance and retention; and

(e) drug storage and security.

(8) Nothing in this rule is meant to limit or restrict the authority of a registered nurse employed by a family planning clinic, operating under contract with DPHHS, from dispensing factory, prepackaged contraceptives as authorized by 37-2-104, 37-7-103, or 50-31-307, MCA.

(9) A registered nurse or provider with prescriptive authority, employed by a family planning clinic operating under contract with DPHHS, may dispense oral antibiotics used to treat Chlamydia to a patient diagnosed with Chlamydia and to a sexual contact or partner of a patient diagnosed with Chlamydia. All appropriate records shall be maintained on-site. The antibiotics dispensed must:

(a) be prepackaged and properly labeled in accordance with state law;

(b) include appropriate counseling materials informing the patient of the potential risks involved in taking the drug; and

(c) contain contact information for the healthcare provider or a consulting pharmacist to provide advice or answer questions.

History: 37-7-201, MCA; IMP, 37-7-201, 37-7-321, MCA; NEW, 2012 MAR p. 896, Eff. 4/27/12.


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24-174-62 4/27/2012 Current History: 37-7-201, MCA; IMP, 37-7-201, 37-7-321, MCA; NEW, 2012 MAR p. 896, Eff. 4/27/12.
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