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Rule Title: METERS
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Subchapter: Yellowstone Controlled Ground Water Area
Latest version of the adopted rule presented in Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM):

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36.12.1211    METERS

(1) Each ground water use must be metered to record the total volume of water used.

(2) The department will provide the meter to be used at no cost to the permittee, but it is the responsibility of the permittee to properly install and maintain the meter. A meter will be provided after a provisional permit is issued.

(3) A permittee may upon prior approval from the department purchase, install, and maintain a different type of meter than provided by the department, but only if the meter records the total volume of water used.

(4) The following general guidelines should be followed to properly install a meter:

(a) install meter in a frost free location;

(b) place in a horizontal position for optimum performance;

(c) use leak tight connections;

(d) install shut-off valves before and after the meter to prevent excessive water loss during servicing;

(e) locate the meter in a supply line with a diameter as near to the meter size as possible;

(f) provide access to meter for reading and service;

(g) maintain a continuous electrical connection around the meter;

(h) locate meter after any sand traps in the system; and

(i) any hydrants or outside faucets should be located after the meter to allow for total water use recording.

(5) The department shall determine the size of the meter and connections depending on water use in gallons per minute (gpm) and size of supply line into and from the pressure tank.

(a) Commonly used meter sizes are:

(i) 5/8" meter will accept up to a 3/4" pipe and a 20 gpm intermittent flow or 10 gpm continuous flow;

(ii) 3/4" meter will accept up to a 1" pipe and a 30 gpm intermittent flow or 15 gpm continuous flow;

(iii) 1" meter will accept up to a 1" pipe and a 50 gpm intermittent flow or 25 gpm continuous flow; and

(iv) 1" meter will accept up to a 2" pipe and 100 gpm intermittent flow or 50 gpm continuous flow.

(6) In cases where the meter is not installed to prevent freezing the meter, internal parts, or the base, the water meter must be removed, drained and later reinstalled. Gravity draining of the water lines is not sufficient to drain all the water from the bottom of the meter. Using air to blow out the water lines and meter, if done properly, may be sufficient to protect the meter from freezing.

(7) On or before January 15 of each year and upon request, the permittee shall report the annual metered water use to the MBM&G. The water use must be recorded on a form provided by the MBM&G.

History: 85-20-401, MCA, Article IV; IMP, 85-20-401, MCA, Article IV. I. 5. ; NEW, 1997 MAR p. 469, Eff. 3/11/97.


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3/11/1997 Current History: 85-20-401, MCA, Article IV; IMP, 85-20-401, MCA, Article IV. I. 5. ; NEW, 1997 MAR p. 469, Eff. 3/11/97.
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