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Subchapter: Tariffs - Format
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38.3.2606    TITLE PAGE

(1) The title page of every tariff and supplement shall show in the order named:

(a) On the upper left-hand corner of tariffs of less than five pages and on tariffs issued in loose-leaf form the words "No supplement to this tariff will be issued except for the purpose of cancelling tariff unless otherwise specifically authorized by the Commission."

(b) PSC number of tariff or supplement on upper right-hand corner and immediately thereunder the PSC number or numbers of tariffs or supplements cancelled thereby. If the number of cancelled publications is so large as to render it impracticable to thus enter them on the title page, they must be shown immediately following the table of contents, provided specific reference thereto is entered on the title page directly under the PSC number. Carriers' serial numbers, if desired, may be entered below the upper marginal line of title page. Separate series of PSC numbers must be used for freight and passenger tariffs.

(c) Corporate name of issuing carrier or name of agent issuing under power of attorney.

(d) Whether tariff or supplement is local, joint, proportional, or a combination of same and whether class, commodity, or a combination of both.

(e) The territory or points from and to which the tariff or supplement applies, briefly stated by territories, counties, points, or carriers. Where the publication contains both specific and distance or mileage rates, the title page description must include the application of the distance or mileage rates as well as that of the specific rates.

(f) Reference by name and PSC and/or ICC number to the classification, exceptions thereto and/or rules circular, if any, governing the tariff or supplement. The following form shall be used:

Governed, except as otherwise provided herein, by the __________ classification ________ PSC (and ICC) No. ______ by exceptions thereto, __________ PSC (and ICC No. _____, and by rules circular ___________, PSC (and ICC) No. _________ and by supplements to or successive issues of said publications.   A tariff is not governed by a classification, classification exceptions, or rules circular, except when and to the extent stated on or in the tariff.

(g) Date of issue and date effective. (For exceptions to general effective date see ARM 38.3.2507) . A provision in a tariff or supplement that the same or any part thereof, will expire on a given date, is not a guarantee that the tariff, or supplement, or such part of it, will remain effective until and including that date. Such provision, if used, will be held to mean that the tariff or supplement, or specified part of it, will expire with the date named, unless the date is changed on statutory notice, or under authority of special permission of the commission. In such tariffs or supplements the term, "Expires with (date) __________, unless sooner cancelled, changed or extended" must be used. The term "Expires with close of business" on a named date must not be used.

(h) On every tariff or supplement in which all the rates, rules, or regulations are made effective on less than 30 days' notice under authority of the commission, notation that it is issued on ______ days' notice under authority of _____________ (here show authority) . (See ARM 38.3.2506 and 38.3.2507) .

(i) Name, title and street address of officer or agent by whom tariff or supplement is issued.

History: Sec. 69-12-201, MCA; IMP, Title 69, Chapter 12, Part 5, MCA, Eff. 12/31/72.


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12/31/1972 Current History: Sec. 69-12-201, MCA; IMP, Title 69, Chapter 12, Part 5, MCA, Eff. 12/31/72.
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