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Department: REVENUE
Subchapter: Responsible Alcohol Sales and Service Act
Latest version of the adopted rule presented in Administrative Rules of Montana (ARM):

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(1) The department shall:

(a) issue determinations on private training program applications within 45 days;

(b) publish providers' contact information on the department's web site;

(c) provide notice of new legislation impacting curriculum within 30 days of passage;

(d) evaluate program effectiveness, including consideration of the percentage of program participants who sell to underage or intoxicated persons; and

(e) notify the provider of any required changes based upon program deficiencies.

(2) A private training provider shall:

(a) provide a minimum of three hours of training utilizing the provider's approved curriculum;

(b) update its curriculum within 30 days of receiving notice of new legislation;

(c) submit updated curriculum to the department for review and only utilize updated curriculum upon receipt of departmental approval;

(d) establish the time and location of training sessions;

(e) administer an exam that includes a Montana portion provided by the department and questions based upon the curriculum content requirements set forth in ARM 42.13.907;

(f) grade exams;

(g) issue proof of training documents;

(h) submit training records to the department on a monthly basis in the form prescribed by the department; and

(i) abide by all applicable laws, regulations, and policies concerning the confidentiality of participant's personal information.

(3) Upon determining that an approved program is ineffective or that the provider failed to adhere to any requirement in (2), the department shall notify the provider and the provider shall cease instructing the program. The provider may apply to have a new program approved under the application process.

(4) The department shall not compensate private training providers for providing training. The providers may charge participants for the training session.

History: 16-4-1009, MCA; IMP, 16-4-1006, MCA; NEW, 2012 MAR p. 122, Eff. 1/13/12; AMD, 2015 MAR p. 1205, Eff. 8/14/15.


MAR Notices Effective From Effective To History Notes
42-2-928 8/14/2015 Current History: 16-4-1009, MCA; IMP, 16-4-1006, MCA; NEW, 2012 MAR p. 122, Eff. 1/13/12; AMD, 2015 MAR p. 1205, Eff. 8/14/15.
42-2-870 1/13/2012 8/14/2015 History: 16-4-1009, MCA; IMP, 16-3-301, 16-4-1001, 16-4-1002, 16-4-1003, 16-4-1004, 16-4-1005, 16-4-1006, 16-4-1007, 16-4-1008, 16-6-304, 16-6-305, MCA; NEW, 2012 MAR p. 122, Eff. 1/13/12.
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