Function of Administrative Rule Review Committee No. 18   09/22/2011    
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                    Interim Committees and the Environmental Quality Council

Administrative rule review is a function of interim committees and the Environmental Quality Council (EQC).  These interim committees and the EQC have administrative rule review, program evaluation, and monitoring functions for the following executive branch agencies and the entities attached to agencies for administrative purposes.

Economic Affairs Interim Committee:

§       Department of Agriculture;

§       Department of Commerce;

§       Department of Labor and Industry;

§       Department of Livestock;

§       Office of the State Auditor and Insurance Commissioner; and

§       Office of Economic Development.

Education and Local Government Interim Committee:

§       State Board of Education;

§       Board of Public Education;

§       Board of Regents of Higher Education; and

§       Office of Public Instruction.

Children, Families, Health, and Human Services Interim Committee:

§       Department of Public Health and Human Services.

            Law and Justice Interim Committee:

§       Department of Corrections; and

§       Department of Justice.

            Energy and Telecommunications Interim Committee:

§       Department of Public Service Regulation.

             Revenue and Transportation Interim Committee:

§       Department of Revenue; and

§       Department of Transportation.

            State Administration and Veterans' Affairs Interim Committee:

§       Department of Administration;

§       Department of Military Affairs; and

§       Office of the Secretary of State.

            Environmental Quality Council:

§       Department of Environmental Quality;

§       Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Parks; and

§       Department of Natural Resources and Conservation.

These interim committees and the EQC have the authority to make recommendations to an agency regarding the adoption, amendment, or repeal of a rule or to request that the agency prepare a statement of the estimated economic impact of a proposal.  They also may poll the members of the Legislature to determine if a proposed rule is consistent with the intent of the Legislature or, during a legislative session, introduce a bill repealing a rule, or directing an agency to adopt or amend a rule, or a Joint Resolution recommending that an agency adopt, amend, or repeal a rule.

The interim committees and the EQC welcome comments and invite members of the public to appear before them or to send written statements in order to bring to their attention any difficulties with the existing or proposed rules.  The mailing address is P.O. Box 201706, Helena, MT 59620-1706.

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