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(1) General essential standards for public libraries are as follows:

(a) The library board provides continuing education for the director and staff members by allocating funds to support continuing education costs, including travel expense and salary;

(b) Paid staff persons are present during 90 percent of all open hours;

(c) The board must adopt and review a personnel policy every three years;

(d) The library maintains written, up-to-date job descriptions; and

(e) All libraries must have internet access for staff.

(2) General enhanced standards for public libraries are as follows:

(a) Volunteer programs have written policies, procedures, and job descriptions;

(b) Every staff member attends at least one continuing education eligible training program per year;

(c) Appropriate library staff have e-mail accounts available for communication and professional development;

(d) There is at least one personal computer for staff use only; and

(e) Staff receives in-house training or are encouraged to attend workshops.

(3) General excellent standards for public libraries are as follows:

(a) Regardless of population, total library staff is not less than one full-time employee;

(b) The library board encourages and supports staff involvement in community organizations and activities; and

(c) Employees have access to health insurance and retirement through the public library.


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