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10.53.711    DEFINITIONS

(1) For purposes of the physical education content standards contained in this chapter, the following definitions apply:

(a) "Locomotor skills" are defined as skills used to move the body from one place to another including walking, running, skipping, leaping, sliding, galloping, jumping, and hopping.

(b) "Manipulative skills" are defined as skills developed when a person handles some kind of object including throwing, kicking, striking, catching, redirecting an object in flight (such as a volleyball) or continuous control of an object such as a hoop.

(c) "Mature form/pattern" are defined as movement that is performed with ease using critical elements of the motor skill pattern that are smooth, efficient, and repetitive, and can be performed without thinking out each step of the movement.

(d) "Nonlocomotor skills" are defined as skills that are performed in place without appreciable spatial movement and include bending, and stretching, pushing, pulling, raising and lowering, twisting and turning, and shaking.

(e) "Small-sided practice tasks" are defined as games or deliberate tasks utilizing fewer students which are designed to practice particular skills or tasks.


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