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(1) The purpose of all programs is to develop and apply knowledge and skills necessary to pursue lifelong goals and opportunities.

(2) Program foundation standards are the common conditions and practices that will be evident in all programs within a school system to ensure that all students have educational opportunity to learn, develop, and demonstrate learning in the content standards and content-specific grade-level or grade-band learning progressions. All programs shall follow the content standards in the Administrative Rules of Montana. The local board of trustees shall:

(a) meet the following conditions:

(i) ensure integration of the history, contemporary portrayals, and contributions of American Indians, with an emphasis on Montana Indians, for all students, across all content areas;

(ii) ensure an educational climate that promotes academic freedom and respect for diversity with prejudice toward none;

(iii) maintain high expectations for student performance, behavior, and lifelong learning; and

(iv) encourage collaboration among school personnel to plan, assess, and support instruction.

(b) include the following practices:

(i) offer engaging and relevant experiences that enable students to develop effective communication skills in their personal lives, workplaces, and communities;

(ii) teach ethical behavior, including use of technology (social media) and the implications of one's choices;

(iii) implement research-based instructional skills and strategies to improve student learning;

(iv) challenge students to think creatively and critically, and use the inquiry process to solve problems and make informed decisions;

(v) encourage interdisciplinary instruction;

(vi) use relevant data to inform decision making, modify instruction, and increase student learning;

(vii) integrate information literacy skills and technology tools, to support learning in all curricular areas; and

(viii) provide equitable access to all facilities, technology, equipment, materials, and services necessary to support the instructional process.


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